Devoted to the past, present, and future of television in the United Kingdom, HTW places emphasis on the programme makers as opposed to the programmes themselves (though some programmes inevitably do get mentioned). Special sections are provided for each of the four largest UK terrestrial TV broadcasters in launch date order (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5), plus features on other topics such as Colour Television are also included. Other TV channels are currently not included but they are relatively young compared with the first four terrestrial broadcasters (with the exception of Channel 5 launching in 1997); however some of these may be included at a later date.

Please note that we cannot supply copies of any of the featured programmes, music or images, and some of these may not be commercially available. Contact the relevant broadcaster for further information or if you wish to obtain a copy. HTW is not related to any broadcaster.

Many thanks to everyone who have in some way contributed information and resources, including: Chris Bowden-Smith, Ray Bradley, Robert Brown, Rory Clark, Andy Emmerson, Russ J Graham, Dave Jeffery, Tim Pragnall. Plus special thanks to Transdiffusion Broadcasting System for permission to use certain photos as well as providing assistance and encouragement.

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