Oliver in the Overworld

Little Big Time was a children’s television series produced by Southern Television for ITV during the late-1960s/early-70s and was notable for featuring a musical called Oliver in the Overworld featuring Freddie Garrity (from “Freddie and the Dreamers”). Oliver in the Overworld spawned a soundtrack album with songs written by Albert Hammond and is now a cult collectable, but the television series itself has remained unobtainable simply because like so much of television prior to the 1980s recordings of the show were not kept, so for a long time it was thought that any recorded evidence of Little Big Time was completely lost forever.

However it turned out that someone had recorded at least some of the last ever edition of Little Big Time using a colour home movie camera pointed at a television screen, and an extract taken from this recording albeit in revised form has now been recently uploaded to YouTube for everyone to see. Experience the chaos and wonder that is Oliver in the Overworld:

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